Canoe Livery

702 N. Morenci
Box 220 Mio, Michigan 48647
Phone: (989) 826-3267

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Navigation Map
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Trips from Mio to Oscoda

Comins Flats 10 mi 2.5 hrs
McKinley Bridge 22 mi 4.5 hrs
4001 Bridge 32 mi 7 hrs
Alcona Dam 40 mi 9 hrs
Loud Dam 65 mi 14 hrs
Five Channels 70 mi 16 hrs
Cooke Dam 120 mi 22 hrs
Foote Site Village 140 mi 27 hrs
Oscoda 160 mi 30 hrs

Trips from Grayling to Mio

Burton's Landing 71 mi 15 hrs
Stephan's Bridge 63 mi 13 hrs
Wakeley Bridge 55 mi 11.5 hrs
McMaster's Bridge 40 mi 8.5 hrs
Parmalee Bridge 25 mi 6 hrs
Camp Ten Bridge 5 mi 2 hrs

No. of
Canoes /
Mio to Comins Flats 10 mi. 2.5 hrs.
Mio to McKinley Bridge 22 mi. 4.5 hrs.
Mio to 4001 Bridge 32 mi. 7 hrs.
Mio to Alcona Dam 40 mi. 9 hrs.
Mio to Loud Dam & Five Channels Dam 65-70 mi. 14-16 hrs.
Mio to Cooke & Foote Dams and Oscoda 120-160 mi. 22-30 hrs.
1 Canoe/Kayak 38.00 48.00 56.00 58.00 68.00 79.00
2 to 3 Canoes/Kayaks, each
37.00 47.00 49.00 55.00 65.00 74.00
4 or more Canoes/Kayaks, each
36.00 46.00 48.00 54.00 62.00 69.00
2 Person Kayaks
50.00 60.00 - - - -

No. of
Canoes /
Grayling to Mio 80 mi. 17 hrs.
Smith Bridge to Mio 50 mi. 11 hrs.
McMasters Bridge to Mio 40 mi. 8.5 hrs.
1 Canoe/Kayak 61.00 54.00 54.00
2 to 3 Canoes/Kayaks, each
57.00 51.00 51.00
4 or more Canoes/Kayaks, each
55.00 48.00 48.00

* - 1 day trip   |   ** - 2 day trip   |   *** - 2 to 3 day trip   |   **** - 3 to 5 day trip

Saturdays in July & August cost an additional $6.00 (Canoes & Kayaks)
Prices are for 1 day - 2 people/1 canoe - 1 single person/kayak - 2 people/2 person kayak.
$4.00 each extra person in canoe
Overnight Trips - $25 Each Extra Day

An example for calculating the price of a 2 day trip to 4001 Bridge with 1 canoe and 2 people:

  • 1st day = $50.00;
  • 2nd day and day of pickup = $25.00;
  • Total = $75.00;
  • if starting on a Saturday in July or August, then add an additional $6.00.

Due to fluctuating gas prices, rates are subject to change.

Charges will apply for late pickups
$10 lost cushion
$15 broken paddle

We have 3 different sizes of family rafts
Rafts take 3 1/2 to 4 hours on 10 mile trips
$50.00 required to reserve each raft
NO PETS allowed on rafts
Add $15 more to rates for each raft for Saturdays in July and August

10 mi.
3 1/2 - 4 hrs.
Small (9 ft.) 2 - 3 Persons 70.00
Large (11 ft.) 4 - 5 Persons 85.00
X-Large 8 Persons

Tubes are Single Person
We have 2 differwnt types of tubes: Without Bottoms and Deluxe with Headrest & Bottoms
Tubes take 3 1/2 to 4 hrs. on a 10 mile trip
$5.00 deposit required to reserve each tube
NO PETS allowed on tubes
We rent cooler tubes

Without Bottoms 18.00
Deluxe w/ Headrest & Bottoms 23.00
Cooler Tubes 23.00

Planning your trip

Group of Rafters Groups - We can accommodate small and large groups. There is plenty of parking, modern clean rest rooms, ice, cold pop and snack foods. We also carry many water related items, i.e. aqua shoes, sun screen, eye glass holders, cup holders, T-shirts, coolers, cooler tubes, hats, cameras, back rests, water blasters, custom tied flies, etc. Our radio equipped transportation vehicles, school buses and vans, can handle very large groups. Group transportation to and from local campgrounds, $4.00 and up per person depending on size of group.

We do not transport any private equipment or their people.

We do provide car spots for private groups with their own canoes, kayaks, tubes and fisherman with their own drift boats. We also sell tubes and cooler tubes if you need an extra one.
Bring an extra set of car keys.

Season - Open April 15 to October 1, weather permitting, 6 days a week from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. CLOSED WEDNESDAY.

In early spring and late fall, please call to avoid disappointment.

Last start times
Put-in times may vary -
Please call ahead
Trip Length Last Start time
4 hrs11:00 a.m.
2 hrs.2:30 p.m.
rafts & tubes 12:30 p.m.
Last start times vary by month-
Please call ahead

Rafts & tubes are slower than canoes. When planning your trip add 25% to the time to reach a destination if you use a tube or raft.

Deposits - $10 per canoe deposit required for weekend or holiday trips. $50 per raft. $5 per tube. Deposits are NOT refunded for inclement weather or early departure on any trip. Rain checks must be used during season issued. 10-day notice required for cancellation or reservation change.

Midweek value - Sunday through Friday - Lower rates! - On Sunday and weekdays you have a more quality canoeing experience, including peace and quiet and chances to see more wildlife and fewer paddlers on the river.

Canoes, kayaks and raft pricing includes pick-up, cushions, paddles and life jackets. We provide life jackets with rental tubes where needed.

Reservations - Call 989-826-3267 Phone 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Office Hours. While reservations are needed for busy weekends in the summer - walk-ins are always welcome. Charges for late pickups.

Payment - We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover

What to bring for your day trip -
Change of clothing
Straps for eyeglasses
Lunch or snack
Beverages of your choice
Sun screen
Hats and clothes to protect from sun burn
Waterproof containers or bags for anything you don't want to get wet
Camera, if you can keep it dry
Fishing equipment
Rope to tie everything to the canoe in case you tip over.
Canvas shoes or aqua shoes
Bug repellent

Many of these items for sale in our canoe office

Additional things for your overnight trip -
Food, eating and cooking utensils, matches
Sleeping bag, tent and air mattress
Change of clothing
Poncho or raincoat
Sturdy boots and extra socks
Canvas shoes
Towels and toilet articles
Flash light
First aid kit
Pocket knife and ax

What not to bring for any trip -
Your car keys - leave them in the Livery office at no charge
Your wallet or purse
Styrofoam cups or containers
Anything made from glass
Radios, tape players, portable TVs or anything else which is loud or can be easily ruined if it gets wet
More than one six pack of beer per canoe

Non-discrimination policy -
"The policy of the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, religion, sex, disability, family status, and/or political affiliation. Persons believing they have been discriminated against in any forest service related activity should write to: Chief, Forest Service, USDA, P.O. Box 96090, Washington DC 20090-6090."

Hinchman Acres Canoe Rental is an equal opportunity service provider.
Hinchman Acres Canoe Rental is a permitee of the Huron National Forest.

Pet policy

Friendly pets are allowed in our canoes or kayaks. Pets are NOT ALLOWED in rafts or tubes. Towel dry for return trip in vehicles and keep on leash when necessary.

Memberships - Organizations we are proud to belong to:

Michigan Association of Paddlesport Providers
Michigan Hotel, Motel & Resort Association
Michigan Vacation Guide
Chamber of Commerce of Oscoda County
Michigan Travel Bureau
AuSable River Paddlesports Association